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Slim thighs have all found us is not easy. Since ancient times the woman is predisposed to store much of any fat excédante including the thighs so that in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding it can carry out these two biological steps that nature has given them. Except that today our society much changed our way of life is more comfortable and the setting aside no longer needed but our internal biology always stores just in case and more when our diet is too rich .

How to lose weight in thighs?

In order to slim the thighs he'll have to play on different tables to achieve the dream of each, having nice slender legs and it will go through losing thighs. The first fight if we want to lose weight thighs will be reviewing up our often unbalanced diet by our schedules that force us to eat on the go snacks, fast food, ready prepared dishes in the evening while returning from work. If you want to slim down thighs equation is simple, it is mathematical, we must burn more calories than we've ingested during the day. A woman at a daily requirement of 2000 calories turning around, beyond all unburned fat will be stored in our thighs and hips in particular. However on our 2000 daily calories will use for its operation 50% of these, 20% for digestion, 10% for natural elimination, the remaining 30% will be dedicated to physical activity that we do everything in throughout the day. If you are very sedentary needless to say those famous 30% will fall on the hips and thighs.

So to lose weight thighs even moderate activity should be performed even if you do not exceed the daily calorie intake of 2000 calories quota. Some tips for slimming course exist thighs when you do not necessarily have overweight which are also applicable to all those who go on a diet but the motivation remains the main driver in any case to perform some changes if you want lose thighs. You often they say certainly because it is effective for slimming thighs, lose weight, firm up a bit more. So take the stairs instead of the lift, 4 floors have never been a superhuman effort. Leave the car and prefer to walk to browse 200-300 meters to buy your baguette. Why not go to work if it is 1 or 2 km by bike if possible you ... Cycling is great when you want to lose weight thighs! Of course if you really want to lose thigh he'll have to revise your diet and even make dieting.

Slim thighs by revisiting his diet

The enemy number 1 for slimming thighs is certainly poor diet that will generate the fat that will reside in our thighs. What is good to know is that carbohydrates present in all that is sweet store is much faster in our body that lipids present in salty foods. Actually fast sugars if they are not burned in the moment will turn into fat on your thighs.

While lipids are not ideal, it is preferable to eat a piece of cheese or a small serving of fries when we love rather than a cake and all other derivatives. In summary the body will store fat faster content in sweet rather than those contained in the salt. Of course when one wants to lose weight thighs dieting proves necessary dixit fats and carbohydrates.

If you can not do without the sweet ideal is to make the choice on food and consume it at breakfast. Your body needs a lot of energy to get going upon waking after a night fasting. What you will eat during this first meal will be removed in the morning. Then you can with small tricks too sweet substitute certain foods, when one wishes to slim down thighs, other nearly as good at breakfast. Thus instead of your chocolate cereal bowl as crunch, lion etc., prefer a lighter sugar pancakes with chocolate hazelnut accompanied by a fruit and a cheese to 0%. You spend 500 calories to 250 calories usually swallowed! A good start to lose thighs without too much frustration.

At lunch time we recommend you rely on a good intake of protein (red and white meat, fish and eggs), accompanying a small amount of slow sugar (pasta, rice, peas, apple land etc) and a significant portion of fiber plus (various vegetables and varied). Warning not sweet dessert such as pudding, pastry and so eat a fruit according to season and a dairy product (yogurt 0%, 0% cottage cheese, a small piece of cheese) And that's it. Drink only water. You can consume coffee or green tea preferably because it has a draining effect and it is good when we want to lose weight thighs. All without sugar. This meal you can expect dinner without hunger and without snacks 16h. If you really really exceptionally hungry eat an apple or a yogurt 0%. It is as exceptional and it is to price the goal to slim thighs can be achieved.

Ideal for the dinner is to eat light. Protein intake as at noon with vegetables only. No slow sugar not even a piece of bread. End your meal with a low-calorie fruit. Any other food besides an infusion without sugar in the evening should be avoided in order to successfully lose weight thighs.

Thus by combining this low calorie diet with regular physical activity you'll be on track to slim thighs. The plan will let you lose weight evenly but if you wish to target an area of your body, here the thighs, you have to pass through targeted exercises that will help you lose weight thighs. One does not go without the other when the goal was to lose thigh and back pretty slender and muscular legs and thighs.

Slim thighs with what physical exercises?

In addition to performing specific exercises in order to lose the thighs, you will also need opt for endurance sport to practice 2-3 times a week for 45 minutes to 1 hour to effectively lose weight thighs. Some endurance sports are more likely than others to target the thighs and is the case for jogging, swimming and more that the benefit of creating a micro massage of the water on your skin and activate circulation and give you a beautiful skin on the thighs, which often suffer from cellulite, walking, cycling, rowing machine. This list is exhaustive but of course these endurance sports really help to lose thighs. Jump rope is very good also. Once your endurance sport chosen according to your taste and opportunities to practice it regularly you'll need for optimum efficiency to perform some daily exercises exclusively targeting the muscles of your thighs to get the desired result: slim thighs.

Slim thighs small summary

Lose thigh is possible by combining a good diet and a healthy lifestyle. This may seem restrictive at first, but once you have reached your stride it will raise more than simple automation to apply. One of the key elements is your motivation to slim the thighs and the reward you get when any pants, skirts, bikini you go to Wonderland. Consistency is key. With this plan of attack to lose thighs, before long you can admire your work and you realize that with good targeted exercises to lose thigh, an endurance sport and a low calorie diet so it is possible to slim thighs. Then you can be proud of yourself and wear pretty redesigned legs and thighs and reaching your challenge: lose thighs!

How to Lose Thighs Fat

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When we want to lose thigh healthy eating or diet depending on the case, it is also important to practice regular physical activity to obtain a conclusive result. The plan will allow you to lose weight but do not make you lose weight only where you want it. To this, we must stick to it, sweat a little practicing sport and targeted exercises on the area in our sights. Here it is to lose thighs and redraw nice legs.

First of all, it is necessary to undertake an endurance sport that through regular practice 2-3 times a week for 45 minutes to one hour will help to burn fatter and lose weight faster. The important thing is to choose your endurance sport, one that will share its practice help us slim down thighs. Brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, have the capacity to make us lose the thighs easier. They have the advantage to seek the best our thighs and help us to slim thighs while strengthening them. Once you made your choice regarding your endurance sport, we have to supplement it with exercises focused exclusively on your thighs. By practicing daily and seriously these targeted exercises you can admire the fruit of your work and you realize that losing thigh was not a dream. To do this, we have selected you 5 easy exercises to practice that does not require special equipment that you can exercise at the time of day that works best for you and where you wish. The following exercises will help you lose weight thighs and your best ally remains your motivation!

Exercise No. 1

For this first year, you must lie on the ground but on the right side to start. Both legs bonded to the other stand of approximately 10 cm from the ground. Once in this position lock and count to 5 then gently rest your legs on the floor. Repeat 5 times in a row you then turn and do the same exercise this time lying on the left side. And so on. Do not force too much on the duration of the exercise from 2-3 minutes is enough. The aim is after several days of training to do this exercise for 10 minutes in the long term.

Exercise No. 2

Position yourself standing feet parallel and your arms at your sides. While keeping your back straight, you flexing your legs and stretching your arms in front of you parallel to the ground. While keeping your back straight bend your legs until your thighs are like your arms parallel to the ground. Lock your position until you feel a burning sign that the muscles of your thighs work and burn calories. Then gently go back to your original position. The ideal is to do 4 sets of 20 with the one-minute rest between each set. It is likely that if you have not practiced any sport for a long time not successfully perform 4 sets of 20 the first time. It does not matter, keep in mind that the key is to always exceed a little more and to do this at your own pace.

Exercise No. 3

This exercise called "slot" describes the movement you'll have to perform with your legs. Although it performs well will allow you to work your thighs and eventually lose thighs. Standing knee slightly bent, place your left foot to your right foot with a space of about a small step and a half. Especially keep your back straight. Bend your left leg (ie before) to bring it in a horizontal position while bringing your right knee to the ground. Then push your left leg (front leg) to find yourself starting position. Repeat the exercise alternating legs until you feel a burning sensation in the thighs evidence that muscles are stressed and thus burn calories.

Exercise No. 4

A knee to the ground without your buttocks resting on your feet, your thighs, and your calves and form a right angle. Place your hands on your hips. Now contract your glutes and while keeping your back straight down extremely your bust towards the back gently. Lock the position until you feel a burning sensation in your thighs. At that point you right slowly to find your starting position. Do this several times as long as a possible movement. The son of the time you will be able to repeat numerous times.

Exercise No. 5

Lie on the floor with your back flat arms along the body. While keeping your arms down lift your legs and start a back and just the same way as if you were riding a bike. The ideal is to perform this exercise for 5 minutes without stopping. That said during your first few sessions if you have not done any sport for a long time it is very likely that you can not achieve these 5 minutes without performing break. Do not demotivate, do your 5 minutes at your own pace, knowing that with a little practice the goal will be reached in 5 minutes.

The resumption of physical activity should be smooth, the first goal being to evolve and strive towards a goal you will set to lose thigh while redesigning to get pretty slender legs. The few exercises decry above are simple exercises to perform, non-binding and above that target your thighs. These exercises applied with a healthy diet to see paired with a diet will help you lose thigh for your delight.

5 Exercises to Lose Thigh Quickly

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You often get hungry during the day? Are you struggling to forget the chocolate slice of cake in the refrigerator? Mediaite an update with a nutritionist and a dietician these reasons why you struggle to remember you when it comes to snack.

You eat more than your hunger

Regardless of size, you usually finish your plate. "It is often a question of education, explains Virginie Besson, dietician nutritionist specializing in eating behavior. From a moral point of view, some do not like to waste food." "Others believe that eating well is to be healthy, adds Marylène Belle dietician." Yet when it comes to eating, it is not only the head but also to listen for his stomach.

What to do: fill his plate depending on the intensity of his hunger. "We need to get out of the meal with a" good hunger ", that is to say to avoid being hungry to limit the risk of eating" greedily "and go beyond satiation threshold may cause physical discomfort "says Belle Marylène. Learning to eat according to his stomach, his contributions are minimized and hungry too.

You may not too much

You may not eat foods that comfort you because you are afraid of fat. Result: you only think about it all day. "This is what is called the phenomenon of" cognitive restriction, "said Virginie Besson. The further prohibits we want more." A force to retain, we come to the end of resistance, we love and then we feel guilty. "As we did not have the comfort that was expected, you eat more," our interlocutor deducted.

What to do: "Do not forbid to have fun this is normal to seek comfort in food." Said Virginie Besson. If you crave chocolate, eat two square to satisfy your craving. This is better than to hold on to eventually jump on the tablet.

You nibble between meals

"Snacking is: eat when there is no hunger whatever the" hour ", explains Marylène Belle, dietician The stomach is not larger than a closed fist This is a pocket.. which distends is based on the amount of food ingested. If we then fill it is not empty, it will grow and our appetite too.

What to do: Fatigue, stress, boredom ... we must first find out whether it was really hungry or just want to eat what, in this case, can be provqué for various (fatigue, stress, boredom ...). "Adapting to the best depending on the reason. If I was not really hungry and just need comfort, we must regulate its intake, that is to say, take a snack that makes me happy and eat a little less next meal ", explains the behavior specialist. Depriving yourself a small indulgence if one wants is to risk cracking two times within hours.

You eat too fast

When swallowed a piece of cake in seconds, it takes no time to savor it. A few minutes later, it seems to be hungry again and taken to another part. "Eating too fast is to take the risk of not perceiving sassiété, that is to say when our food needs and émotinnels are satisfied. If those conditions are not met they may eat without hunger and without end "explains Virginie Besson, dietician nutritionist. Two hours later our belly demanding its due.

What to do: be in "full awareness" of what you eat and enjoy the food makes you feel comforted longer and reduces cravings.

You drink too much water before eating

It is often said that water is an excellent appetite suppressant. But beware! "Do not confuse need filling and" prevents our interlocutor. Drink water before a meal for fear of swallowing three full plates and fat is not a good idea. First, because the water will fill the stomach within minutes. You will eat some hearty food and water as soon as your belly will be eliminated cry again famine. Secondly, because if the body really needs this energy, it has not had the desired comfort and gargouillade again quickly.

What to do: when we want to eat, we must first ask if the stomach is empty and really give it what it needs, otherwise it will continue to ask.

You're afraid to be hungry

"Starter, main course, dessert", "eat three meals a day", "never forget breakfast" ... These food balance precepts hammered in the media to avoid hunger disconnect us from our stomach. "We are given the impression that the number one enemy is hungry and not overweight, denounces Virginie Besson, dietician nutritionist So, you do is think and it has only one desire:. Eat"

What to do: "To control his hunger, we must be attentive to its food sensations that are potent regulators and to enjoy eating according to this hunger," advises the specialist. "If you are afraid that your stomach gurgles, bring a snack to eat, or not, if you're hungry in the morning or afternoon (almonds, hazelnuts ...). Be careful not to cut yourself completely you appetite for meals. "Eating with hunger is not fattening and should be a real sensory pleasure to feel full," advises Marylène Belle.

You do not enjoy enough of what you eat

When one wants to regulate his hunger, we must eat according to his desires and not to ignore them eat less. To satisfy his appetite, he must enjoy his food. Or if you eat at the computer or watching TV we are more occupied by images from his food. Result? We did not take advantage of his spaghetti bolognese and retaliates with a sweet dessert good.

What to do: take the time to savor every bite and eat carefully. But if you need the TV to enjoy your meal, please. The principal is to be satisfied as to not feel the need to eat an hour later.


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The slimming pill produced by an American laboratory can now legally be marketed in Europe. Is this the new miracle treatment? What are the risks ? Let us understand.

Mysimba, is it effective?
Mysimba is a treatment that helps fight against obesity. To do so, the two active ingredients are used: naltrexone and bupropion. They also are components of antidepressants and treatments against addiction to alcohol and opiates.
As for every drug, clinical studies were performed. Their effectiveness has led Europe to accept the placing on the market of treatment. France is opposed to the commercialization of the drug.

Hence was born the controversy?
The arrival on the market Mysimba is controversial. Indeed, the United States had hesitated before accepting the commercialization of the drug. It increases cardiac risk as they are already high in overweight patients. This risk is explained by the presence of an amphetamine derivative.
Side effects are numerous. They include intestinal problems, nervous system disorders, and greater exposure to cardiovascular diseases.

How Mysimba will be used?
Mysimba will not counter. The anti-obesity pill will be prescribed by a doctor. The treatment is completed with a rigorous and regular monitoring. The treatment period of 16 weeks, it must be accompanied by a suitable diet. If at the end of 4 months the patient lost less than 5% by weight, processing is aborted. Otherwise it is renewed.
These are the patients who need to lose more than 10% of their weight that will be involved. Overweight patients who suffer from diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol are also involved in the treatment.
The marketing Mysimba started and the first results will not be known for months.

Mysimba, slimming pills

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A round belly can be caused by water retention, bloating or fat surplus. Do not panic, every problem its solution is to find a flat stomach.

Stop water retention

Water retention is one of the most common reasons of "big belly". To counter it, try draining food such as asparagus or artichoke. Consume at least once a week. And drink! It is recommended to drink at least one and a half liters of water a day while watching salt intake because it holds water and encourages swelling.

Avoid bloating

You feel bloated (e) to the point of having to unbutton you? You have air in the digestive tract!

To counter this and regain a flat stomach, it is essential to decrease your absorption of indigestible sugars causing fermentation.

Avoid: cauliflower, broccoli, peas, or legumes, such as lentils, split peas and chickpeas. It is better to turn also pass on onions and cucumbers. And do not overdo the vegetables if they irritate your gut.

A priority: the fruits and vegetables rich in fiber which stimulate bowel activity, such as prunes and plums, green beans or salad. The fibers contribute to weight loss as they reduce the absorption of fat and sugars.
Whole foods are also rich in fiber and perfect to regain a flat stomach. Brown rice and pasta are ideally consume one to two times a week if you do not suffer from bloating. As for meat, think lean meats: veal, chicken, turkey, guinea fowl. Fish, shellfish, and eggs are also very good for transit.

Pamper your stomach with a massage

To aid digestion nothing better than a massage.
Massaging the belly 5 minutes, morning and evening, in the direction of clockwise, can boost your intestinal transit and in part to avoid bloating. For efficiency, you can make this gesture with an ointment firming essential oils. This ointment "burns -Fats" can be applied 2 times a day for 3 weeks. Do not hesitate to make movements of massage-roll around the navel. You will feel light as a feather.
Ointment fat-burning:
- 100ml of vegetable oil, for example, sweet almond oil BIO
- Add to this, 5 ml of essential oil of cedar and 5 ml of essential oil of Lemongrass

Caution: Essential oils can cause irritation, they should always be diluted and are prohibited for pregnant and nursing women and young children.


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To lose weight, it is best not to fall for cookies, chips or other sweets. Without starving and without the use of dangerous appetite suppressant, just eat better.

Listen appetite

For less hungry, we must all listen to her appetite. For it is our brain which controls hunger pangs. As a control center, it receives and analyzes information from our body. Each mouthful, the information sent to it show him fat doses, sugar, protein and calories in the bite. It also receives news of our stomach As its filling.

As a result, when you feel full, it's our brain that tells us we must stop and listen. For if we are forced to eat it absorbs calories that go directly increase fat stores buttocks and thighs.

Balanced meals

It should also eat balance throughout the day.
For starters, not to skip breakfast. This is the most important meal. To prevent cravings between meals, do not hesitate to take every morning such as a bowl of cereal, wholemeal bread a whole fruit and a dairy product.
For lunch and dinner, it is important to take a starter, main course, and dessert. The body will thus receive all the daily amount needed.
As a starter, you can unashamedly take a salad, soup or salad, which, rich in water, already well-filled stomach. Then take a dish, a dairy, and a fruit.

A trick to prolong the feeling of satiety: eat slowly. Chewing slowly and taking his time is consumed lesser amounts. The brain then more time to interpret the message of satiety. The result, we eat less and one is full.

A natural snack

A craving? Spoil yourself! No worries if you opt for a natural snack. Dried fruit, a piece of bread with two, three squares of chocolate, cheese plus a compote or an apple. You have the choice.
By listening to his appetite, stomach gets used to absorb smaller amounts. You should know that the organization is two to three months to take the crease for a new diet and stomach shrink.


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To achieve its objectives and slimming stick to it, there are tricks to apply to make things easier.

An apple before meals to eat less

It's an American dietician, Tammi Flynn, who had this idea to help a patient who could not lose weight. She suggested that she eat an apple before each meal, without changing anything else in your diet. Result: less than 2.3 kg in 1 week! This habit helps big eaters to moderate their appetites and without any frustration. Indeed, it is estimated that half of the meal is swallowed during the first quarter of an hour spent at the table. Better to bite an apple slowly (much satisfaction, fewer calories) than to eat five slices of sausage.

Outsmart the TV tray trap

When you are a football fan or addicted to a TV series, a TV dinner is very nice. Problem: captivated by the small screen, the brain no longer pays attention to the amount of food swallowed and satiety signals are not transmitted to the rest of the body. If one really wants to dinner watching TV, the solution is to prepare a real meal and easy to eat: mini-skewers into vegetables, cold dish (no need to get up to warm) served on a plate of salad fruit. And is not within the ad break to replenish the tray!

No more than 3 meals a day!

Except snack when hunger course ... A pot organized at the office? We are not forced to eat two cakes shares. Same weekend: instead of finding her friends in the tea room, we will walk.

Cheese, white cheese, satiating allies

Cream in a quiche, butter in mashed potatoes? The first by replacing white cheese, the other by grated cheese. You lose fat in passing and gaining satiating protein.

Cold drink to burn calories

The body to be heated which has been absorbed and gives few calories: a cup or a glass of liquid at 4 ° C (with ice) "burns" 8 calories to reach 37.5 ° C of the body. While it does not replace a diet, but if we measure energy expenditure over an entire summer, with 3 glasses of water or ice tea a day, it ends up counting a little! 3 x 8 x 90 = 2160 calories. No sweet iced tea, thank you!

Breathing through the belly not to crack

For not starting to nibble on returning from the office, as soon as one crosses the his doorstep, we are obliged to do 5 minutes of abdominal breaths before anything else. This small break before starting the evening prevents the drives.

Make muscle, it eliminates the fat!

We often think of cardio (intensive exercise) to burn fat. But it is the muscle that consumes the most energy. We must therefore gain muscle to burn more, favoring the cladding (board, exercise of the chair against a wall ...). The muscles are then obtained dense, with many muscle fibers and they will be finer than chaining squats (squats).

Snack, some almonds appetite suppressant

Protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins ... Healthy, almonds are also allies of thinness. We can chew in between 20 and 30. The good news? Some studies have shown that tended to reduce the size of its portions at subsequent meals.

Sleeping with fresh ...

To maintain body temperature, the body spends calories especially since it's cold. If it is too hot in the room, the body dispenses with this work. Also, sleep with open windows is healthier, fresh air is renewed: it is ideal for a good sleep.

"Convert" quantities

A fruit yoghurt displays 16 g sugars? This does not tell us much ... But if that amount is converted into sugar cubes, it is immediately much clearer: 2 pieces in yoghurt and a half, it starts to do much. Same conclusion for the muffin that displays 17 g fat. This represents approximately 1.5 c. in s. oil. We note: 1 c. in s. oil = 12 g and 1 sugar cube = 6 g.

A snow white to "tweak"

Big appetites prefer well-filled plates! To give volume to yogurt, cottage cheese and other sauces, add them mounted egg white until stiff. Result: a good portion with zero carbohydrate and protein.

Yes to the 90/10 rule

For the week, 90% of meals should be healthy and balanced. The remaining 10% have the opportunity to have some fun. Integrated in a "reasonable" power, these small differences will help you stay the course without missing.

Thank you to Dr. Pierre Nys, nutritionist and endocrinologist; Beatrice Bénavent Marco, dietician-nutritionist and Raphael Gruman, nutritionist dietician for advice.

12 Tips to Lose Weight & Tone Up Without Diet

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